Climate Bonds

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Climate Bonds are fixed-income financial instruments that are issued to raise finance for climate change solutions.

The Climate Bond Initiative (CBI) classifies climate or green bonds as ‘climate-aligned bond universe’ which consists of bonds issued from issuers who are fully aligned and strongly aligned towards climate issues. By way of explanation, bond issuers that derive 75-95% of their revenues from green business lines are strongly aligned; those that derive more than 95% are fully aligned and bonds whose proceeds are used exclusively to finance green projects are labeled as ‘green’.

#Greenbond issuances first started in 2007. Issuance has been 41% higher this year compared to 2018 and could reach $250bn by the end of this year and to $400bn by 2020 as per CBI.

A Financial Times report stated that young investors’ values are distinctively focused on taking steps towards the betterment of the environment and are willing to use financial capital for social return. However, a survey raises concerns that the so-called responsible investment products might just be greenwashing instead of standing up to scrutiny.