Earth Day

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In the past 50 years since 1970, when Earth Day was celebrated for the first time, there has been a substantial rise in pollution. The concentration of Carbon Dioxide in the atmosphere has increased from 320 parts per bn in 1970 to 417 parts per bn in April 2020.

However, due to widespread lock downs recently, many parts of world have seen reduction in the amount of air pollution and urban and rural water bodies are also much cleaner.

The major sectors contributing to air pollution – transport, factories, power plants, construction activities etc. – are at a complete standstill, which has led to a 60% improvement of air quality all throughout the country.

India has 5th largest installed capacity of solar power and 4th largest installed capacity of wind power in the world. Our country is well on its way to drastically reducing its dependence on fossil fuels and becoming a sustainable and green economy, setting an example for many others.