World Toilet Day

Can you imagine not having a toilet? 2.5 billion people don’t. On the occasion of World Toilet Day, let’s take a look at the Indian Sanitaryware industry.

Toilet penetration in India hasn’t exceeded 60%, while it has already crossed 90% in some neighboring countries. Around 69% of rural households & 19% of urban households still lack access to safe sanitation, indicating the latent opportunity in the country’s sanitaryware market. Analyzing the figures of the two leading players in the market, we see, the market cap of Cera Sanitaryware Ltd increased from Rs.11.63bn in 2014 to Rs.32.05bn in 2019, while the market cap of Hindustan Sanitaryware Ltd decreased from Rs.8.90bn in 2014 to Rs.3.43bn in 2019.

Due to increasing disposable income, rapid urbanization & changing end-user preferences, India is emerging as a sanitaryware manufacturing hub, with several domestic & overseas manufacturers setting up manufacturing facilities across the country due to abundant availability of raw material & low labor cost. The southern region holds the highest share in revenue while among the metro cities, Delhi’s contribution is the highest due to continuing growth in hospitality, SEZ, residential & healthcare sectors.