Monthly Snapshot – May 2024

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Dive into Naturals Ice Cream’s delicious world! Their unique “slow cooking” method guarantees amazing flavors. Teaming up with Rebel Foods, they brought their ice creams to Zomato and Swiggy, boosting sales and rolling out handy mini packs during lockdowns. The ‘Tough Tub’ campaign made sure everything was tamper-proof, and they nailed the “vocal for local” trend with flavors inspired by local desserts. This helped them go national while keeping that local charm. Naturals Ice Cream blends innovation and tradition for a taste experience you won’t forget.

In another story, Fortune Foods tackles the digital age disconnect with its “Language of Love” campaign. They believe every meal is a chance to reconnect through the universal language of love: food. The campaign, featuring heartwarming films, encourages couples to ditch the digital distractions, share a home-cooked meal, and strengthen their bonds. It’s more than just promoting products; it’s about sparking a cultural shift towards meaningful, mindful dining. Fortune Foods envisions a world where sharing a meal is a cherished ritual for nurturing love and connections.

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