Monthly Snapshot – May 2023

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From Nameless Sneaker to a Bank, brace yourself for some exciting strategy content!

Over the years, companies have adopted some exciting and out-of-box ideas. Putting your money in Apple and earning interest? Sound’s weird, right! But that is the case; Apple has revolutionized the banking industry challenging the regional bank in the U.S. While traditional banks offer measly returns on savings accounts, Apple is offering a 4.15% return on savings, with no minimum requirements or lockups, all while being fully FDIC-insured. What is the reason behind this move? How is Apple benefiting? Is there something else to this story? To know more, take a look at our Monthly Snapshot!

Here’s presenting our Monthly Snapshot for May 2023. Our newsletter takes a deep dive into the global scenario, Government policies, Indian startups raising funds, important sector updates, the performance of various asset classes, and much more.

CoContributors: Yash Haralalka | Madan Gopal Sharma | Khushi Agarwal | Vaishnavi Gurung