Monthly Snapshot – June 2023

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Eurozone Recession Ripples Across the Globe: India’s Exports at Stake, New Zealand Hit by Perfect Storm

From Europe to the far corners of the world, recession woes are spreading like wildfire. With the Eurozone and New Zealand in a slump, the consequences are far-reaching. Rising interest rates, energy prices, and unpredictable weather have thrown these economies into a tailspin. But that’s not all – India’s exports are at stake, and key sectors like chemicals, machinery, apparel, and electronics are bracing for impact. As household spending dwindles and businesses hesitate to hire or invest, a pressing question hangs in the air. Will these contractions persist, leading to further economic woes?

CoContributors: Sounak Pan | Giriraj Bohra | Kunal Gandhi | Shaily Mody | Swaraj Singh