Monthly Snapshot – May 2022

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When it comes to instant noodles which is the first brand that comes to your mind? Maggi will undoubtedly be the choice since it has been a savior for Indians. From fulfilling our midnight hunger to being a staple food when we stay away from our family – Maggi has served Indians at all times. But do you know how Maggi wiped out the competition when so many instant noodles flocked the Indian Market?

Here’s presenting our Monthly Snapshot for May 2022. Our newsletter takes a deep dive into the global scenario, Government policies, Indian startups raising funds, important sector updates, the performance of various asset classes, and much more.

Contributed by: Team Leveraged Growth

CoContributors: Subha Deep Nandy | Prachi Doshi | Simran Agarwal | Pratik Santhalia | Sounak Pan | Muskan Biyani | Sahil Tiwari