Monthly Snapshot – December 2021

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2021 was undeniably the best year for Indian startups and the equity market, with 39 startups receiving billion-dollar valuations and the Nifty returning more than 22% during the period. The increase in digitalization and internet penetration across the country has aided the Indian startup ecosystem. Whereas, the Indian equity market was driven by easy monetary policy, robust FII inflows, strong quarterly earnings, and surplus liquidity.

Here’s presenting our last Monthly Snapshot for the year 2021. Our newsletter takes a deep dive into the global scenario, Government policies, Indian startups raising funds, important sector updates, the performance of various asset classes, and much more.

Contributed by: Team Leveraged Growth

CoContributors: Siddhi Mukim | Subha Deep Nandy | Prachi Agarwal | Prachi Doshi | Nitin Agarwal | Siddharth Reddy | Simran Agarwal | Vishal Juneja