Monthly Snapshot – March 2024

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Step into the world of H&M, where European flair meets American fashion sensibility. How does the brand balance quality and affordability? How did H&M adapt during COVID-19, and what is its sustainability secret? Join us as we unravel the mysteries behind H&M’s fashion-forward success, exploring its global impact, designer partnerships, and creative marketing.

Another interesting story is that of a startup, Salam Kisan, an agritech innovator disrupting farming norms with tech. Founded by Dhanashri Mandhani, it offers all kinds of tailored services to farmers, from drone soil testing to seamless produce procurement. With a user base of 58,000, it’s shaping farming’s future, proving entrepreneurship and tech can revolutionize agriculture.

Here’s presenting our Monthly Snapshot for March 2024. Our newsletter takes a deep dive into the global scenario, government policies, Indian startups raising funds, important sector updates, the performance of various asset classes, and much more.

CoContributors: Shreedhar Mohata | Kriti Karnany | Aryan Sahoo | Shruti Agrahari | Yash Banthia | Divyaansi Jaiswal | Devesh Jain | Priyanka Sonkar | Rounak Agrawal