Monthly Snapshot – December 2022

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You’ve probably experienced nostalgia if you’ve ever watched a TV show or an advertisement and had pleasant recollections of earlier times come flooding back. Nostalgia marketing is about tapping into the feel-good memories of the audience associated with a brand. Building social connectedness through nostalgia has become an easy way for companies to take advantage of optimistic feelings that walks down the memory lane. The companies have not missed this opportunity as Spotify grabs attention via its ‘Wrapped’. Cred leveraged on the 90’s melody ads to grab the attention of Genz and millennials as they resonate with them. Here’s presenting our Monthly Snapshot for December 2022. Our newsletter takes a deep dive into the global scenario, Government policies, Indian start-ups raising funds, important sector updates, the performance of various asset classes, and much more.

Contributed by: Team Leveraged Growth

CoContributors: Sounak Pan | Giriraj Bohra | Shreedhar Mohata | Mahak Goenka | Khushi Agarwal | Deep Gandhi