Facebook: Is it Connecting or Disconnecting people?

On Facebook Day we present to you the Potential Legal and Reputational Risk. Do you think it outweighs benefits from the use of data collected by Facebook?

We have witnessed strong growth in the company’s revenue but the significant amount of penalties faced due to misuse of data has reduced it tremendously.

Unfortunately, we have already fallen victims to misuse of our data, against us, gathered by the service provider. This raises the question on the company’s unethical practice on data privacy which contributes to Legal and Reputational risk.

Do you think that the cost of these risk is much more severe than penalties? Because it leaves a question on the company’s morality and Integrity that impacts it’s profitability as well as it’s survival.

What is your opinion?

Contributed By: Team Leveraged Growth
Shruti Mishra | Shreyanshi Nagar