Brexit: Its Official! They’re Breaking Up

The UK and EU have agreed on a “great new deal” for Brexit, according to Boris Johnson’s tweet today. The backstop was changed – although some of its principles remain in the form of Northern Ireland having some different customs rules and regulations as compared to the rest of the UK. The PM is travelling to Brussels for a crunch EU summit The deal needs the approval of both the UK and European parliaments The support of the DUP is seen as crucial if the PM is to win Parliament’s approval and they are not yet on board. But what they see as a legitimate concern is the proposed way of getting out of Northern Ireland’s proposed relationship with the EU, which is critical to maintaining their loyalties with London. These developments are a reminder of one of the truths of this whole process, as put by a former Brexit minister: “To deliver in Brussels, the UK must compromise – but to deliver in Parliament, the UK cannot compromise in Brussels.”